Saturday, September 8, 2012

Old news...


Opening ceremonies:

I just don't understand why they've got those kids in their bed clothes.

The commercials are more entertaining that this.


Grandpops gonna drive me to grey hair.

You don't even try to tailgate me Buttster.

Nice ended back on the deck.
Nice ended at the pier.


Green Tea:

It's tee-e, so I add sweetener.  If not, it's kinda like hay.

Spelling and speaking


Nascasc Car

The cat glared at the dog:

The cat glazed at the dog.

Speaking of heated and cooled seats in her car:

It makes it feel like mint...on my butt

Saturday, September 1, 2012

"I have my own language"

Blue herring or harents....for a Blue Heron
Brash on...for Vashon

Says that different people speak in different dialecks
Talking to the Dogs

While driving through traffic and curves:
"hang on to your balls everyone!  oh wait, none of you have balls"

"Pixie.  Remember the homeless people?  they thought you were cute."

Experiences while driving:
A person riding a bike the wrong way on the freeway "I don't think that's legal, or safe."
More bike riders, this time 12-15 riding together "That's stupid!  I hope some semis blow them over."

At a drive thru. There was one car at the window in front of us and it was taking a long time.
"You got your drink, you got your bag, now get the hell outta the way you old bag!  She better be getting something else out of that window"

It's September...

I've gotten really behind, a combination between traveling through all the western states besides Hawaii and Alaska and my mom never stops with her ridiculous comments!  I can't keep up.  These next few posts unfortunately won't be chronological, but rather somewhat of a montage of quotes and stories.  Enjoy.

July 24

Me: We should cut Pixie's tail hair.
Mom: No!  Then you could see her butt hole.

My mom meant to say Bill Engvall but she said Ingleballs instead.

While driving behind an old man:
"Grandpops, you're gonna drive me to grey hair."