Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mom's Concerns for Bobby's Bowels

Bobby is my mom's chihuahua. Bobby's mom is Pixie Jane. "Bobby had to poop so bad but never said a word. He didn't even make it to the dirt, he pooped as soon as he got out if the car. Pixie whines when she has to go. She gets whatever she wants. When the dogs were sharing water: "Bobby gets the scraps of everything. Pixie's leftover spit. He's like tiny Tim, he's even got the deformed hips."
This blog was inspired by the things my mom said after the the first few hours of our trip to Arizona after my Graduation from BYU-Idaho in July of 2012.  She has always been known for saying ridiculous things.  I don't know how long I'll keep this blog going, right now it's just to keep me occupied and to share with my friends the funny stuff my mom says.  I usually just send a text out when my mom says something funny, but this way I can just update the blog and more people can enjoy the ridiculousness.   I'll be updating from my phone, so please excuse any errors.  Leave some feedback so I know if it's funny and worth continuing.